Hot Trends in TShirt Graphics 2018.
John David Wilson
Owner of Rimshot T-Shirts
Are you/your graphic artist about to create  your next t-shirt order for your school, team, business, event, etc.?  Take a look here at the list of Hot Trends in TShirt Graphics 2018 and be inspired.  Better yet, let ME create your design and print it for you! (shameless plug)
Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018


This look may be the longest trend in t-shirt art i have ever witnessed.  In fact, now that i think about it, it HAS to be.  I was doing distressed effects on tees in the late 1990’s?…for sure in the early 2000’s.  You have seen them: the tees that are designed to make them look old, cracked, and peeled.  At the risk of sounding like the grumpy old man that yells at kids to get off his lawn, i think the reason why this trend persists is because in most cases it is easier (cheaper) to make a screen print look bad than it is to look good.  This makes it very attractive to large corporations getting their stuff done overseas.  But now that this look is so prevalent, my customers now request it.  It is tough for a perfectionist like me to drop all the hard learned lessons on how to make a print look clean and vibrant.  For now, it is all about thin garments with prints that look faded and worn.  Until we start getting more clothing made in the good ‘ol USA, i think we are gonna be stuck with this look for a while.  Thin tees and thin prints means you can fit more on a barge. LOL, i AM grumpy!

Words In a Box

To be honest, i usually can pinpoint the origin of a trend, but i do not know where this one came from.  but of this list for Hot Trends in TShirt Graphics 2018, it may be the most popular right now.  Pretty simple, just put a (usually) sans-serif font with a lot of space between the letters and stack the words; and you do not have to stack each word on each line; you can have a letter or two from the previous word start on the next line.  Simple!


Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018
Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018

Just Text with No/VeryLittle Supporting Graphics

Like the ‘Words in a Box’ found in my Hot Trends in TShirt Graphics 2018 list, the theme of the day is SIMPLE.  No fancy graphics, no pics, just good ol’ tasty handlings of a font.  It can be something like a simple, sans-serif font or a hand done looking script.

TShirt Graphics

Small Prints and High Locations

this trend in my Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018 has been going strong a while now.  Gone are the days of huge prints done on the front or side.  Now prints are small and when a graphic is added to the back it is very high, usually located right underneath the back collar seam.

Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018
Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018
Alrighty then!  So if you have run out of ideas, now you have no excuse when it comes to ordering a t-shirt with trendy graphics.  If you are inspired to try any of these looks on your next t-shirt order, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Rimshot TShirts is all about quality and great prices.  What if i told you a tee that costs 28 bucks at CustomInk can be done for less than 10 dollars?  Take a look at the gallery page on this site for stuff we have done recently.  All ways to contact Rimshot is below.  Thanks for reading!


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