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my new Cintiq Pro 24 is shipping via FedEx as we speak

John David Wilson

Owner of Rimshot T-Shirts

For those that are not tech geeks, you may want to go back to Facebook and look at kitty memes.  But for those of you who like tech and revel in the idea that robots will soon rule the planet, please join me in the celebration that soon (this Thursday) i will receive my Wacom Cintiq Pro 24!  This is the first update i have had with a Cintiq in around 8 years with my purchase of the Cintiq 21UX model.  The Pro 24 is thinner, higher resolution, better color capability, etc., etc. – but the main thing i am excited about is that the distance between the pen point and the working area is now super thin.  Before, it always felt like i was drawing on a surface with a pane of glass between the pen and the drawing surface– which in a sense, was exactly what was happening.  You guys may laugh, because i paid over 2000 bucks for this beast but will try to get away with stacking it on cardboard for proper desk height instead of forking out 500 dollars for the Ergo stand.  WooHoo!… can’t wait to test drive this bad boy.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 24

“Do i need it?  Not really…but it sure will make designing tshirts, creating digital art, and drawing stupid cartoons a lot more fun!”



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