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John David Wilson

Owner of Rimshot T-Shirts

If you have read any of these blog posts, you know one of my major gripes is that the glory days of t-shirts may be over.  The market is glutted with tees that just have company logos on them or customers are having me print cookie-cutter designs they have made/stolen from customink.  But, every now and then a ray of sunshine peeks through….

Screen printing on t-shirt

Circle Up Drive In

Martin Peck of Westbound 84 is one of those much appreciated customers who still puts value in good design and interesting content.  This was a fun one because it is for an establishment in the city my ol’ alma mater, texas tech.  I hope this kind of handling becomes a trend because i love old fifties illustrated clipart.  So simple, clean and smart.

Wanna do something fun like this?

Please contact me and let me know what you have in mind!


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