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Cody over at Trenz Tshirts is one of those beloved customers who does not mind investing in the art to generate sales.  In essence, it is art on a garment…not much else…so why skimp on the art?  Here is a design i have just completed for their Heritage Pride line that promotes duck hunting.  Hopefully outdoorsmen will dig it.

Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018

The challenge.

This design had to work on multiple colors of t-shirts and had a limitation of 6 colors, so i used the index method of creating the seps.  It’s sort of like simulated process but in a lot of ways it is better.  Difficult colors like dark turquoise, tans, and browns (like in this design) are not created with halftoned mixtures of saturated color, which can sometimes be sloppy and unpredictable.  So you use premixed colors matching the prevalent colors in the design.  The trick is picking the right combination of colors and values to make the design look good.  

Another advantage of Index 

since the halftones of an index sep process are more like puzzle pieces fitting together, rather than overlapping typical halftone screens, colors tend to be more vivid and pure.  Also, if you totally nail the registration on the press you can go wet on wet without it getting ‘fuzzy’.


Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018
Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018

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