Hot Trends in TShirt Graphics 2020-2021.
John David Wilson
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Are you/your graphic artist about to create  your next t-shirt order for your school, team, business, event, etc.?  Take a look here at the list of Hot Trends in TShirt Graphics 2018 and be inspired.  Better yet, let ME create your design and print it for you! (shameless plug)
Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018


Not just rainbows, but ones with a hand drawn feel.  Originally you saw this imagery used in just messages of hope, but now it can be used in any situation since the look is so hot. This design was printed for the peeps over at Finer and Dandy.  Do you need custom t-shirts?  Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Animal Portraits 

In this day and age of political strife, one thing that everyone seems to agree on is how awesome pets are.  Probably due to the rising popularity of animal influencers on social media or fundraisers for pet institutions, this t-shirt design idea is not going away anytime soon.  This is a design i painted for the people over at La Montage.

Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018
Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018

Mountains and Treelines

The nice thing about this trend is that it is popular to just print the design with just one color, which makes for a cheaper custom printed t-shirt.  Who knows where this trend came from; maybe it’s a longing for nature in this busy world of smart phones.  If you want to be inspired by others designs i have done, check out the portfolio here.  The light green tee was printed for the customer Firewheel Church.  The heather green tee was made for the Girl Scouts.

TShirt Graphics

Retro Fonts & Florals

Using retro fonts in t-shirt printing designs has been one of my favorite trends in a while because older fonts in general are just plain awesome.  I especially like some of designs i have done recently that utilize fonts from the 60’s and 70’s.  Another look that has gained traction are delicate, hand drawn floral looks.

Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018
Hot Trends in T Shirt Graphics 2018
Alrighty then!  So if you have run out of ideas, now you have no excuse when it comes to ordering a t-shirt with trendy graphics.  If you are inspired to try any of these looks on your next t-shirt order, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Rimshot TShirts is all about quality and great prices.  What if i told you a tee that costs 28 bucks at CustomInk can be done for less than 10 dollars?  Take a look at the gallery page on this site for stuff we have done recently.  All ways to contact Rimshot is below.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Linda

    Great mockup and perfectly written article about t-shirts and nowadays custom t-shirts are trendy.


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