For Promotions, Consider White T-Shirts
John David Wilson
Owner of Rimshot T-Shirts
Do you have an event, promotion, etc. where you do not have much of a budget but need a ton of t-shirts?  Perhaps as handouts, or commemorating an occasion?  Read on for the best and cheapest method for an inexpensive t-shirt order.
T Shirt Screen Printing Inks

Step One: White T-Shirts

All Wholesale t-shirts brands are priced into 3 categories. light, medium, and dark colors.  The darker the color, the more expensive the tee.   White is always the cheapest way to go.  At the time of this post, i can provide an adult Gildan G5000 white t-shirt for two dollars and 11 cents.  (i have seen this exact tee go for 8 dollars at Wal-Mart!)


Step 2: Make It Just a One-Color Imprint

Most wholesale screen printers have a set-up charge for the screens.  If they do not, they are building it into the final price; because it is one of the most costly elements of screen printing production.  If you are a reader of this blog, or are familiar with t-shirt screen printing, you know you need a screen for each color within the design.  So, you guessed it, the less colors there are in your t-shirt design the cheaper the tee.  So go with a nice dark color on the white t-shirt so it will ‘pop’ (and be noticeable from a distance).


T Shirt Screen Printing Inks
T Shirt Screen Printing Inks

Step 3: Print Just One Location.

Screen printers can only print one location on a t-shirt at a time.  So if you do a front print, a back print, and a sleeve print you will end up paying more.  The good news is that most screen printers (including me) do not charge based on the size of the imprint.  Consider printing a very large front print; again, for better viewing etc.; thus making it much better for promotion.  Consider the tee as a walking billboard!


Step 4: ART!

So by this point you may be thinking: “White t-shirt, printed in just one location with just one color….won’t that be boring?”  You would be right, if you have a lame t-shirt design.  Consider putting in a little money at this stage.  Hire an experienced graphic artist who is familiar with t-shirt screenprinting (like me!!) and get a killer t-shirt design.


T Shirt Screen Printing Inks
Screenprinted TShirts

Step 4: Go For Quantity

There are a couple of things that come in play here.  Firstly, you have setup charges (screens) and you have art charges.  So, the more tees you get, the more those set-up fees will be diluted.  you may say, “um…John, i’m looking to save money, not pay more…so would would i buy more tees?”  Remember, i said this is the very best method if you need a LOT of tees for the cheapest price.  The good news here is that most screen printers (including me) have price breaks based upon quantity.  So, as an example, if you think you would be selling/giving away 110 thirts, go ahead and get 144.  Most price breaks happen at 36, then 72, then 144, then 288, and so on.  if you put pencil to paper you will not be paying much more for 144 pieces than 110 because of the price breaks.

T Shirt Screen Printing Inks
So there you go!  If you are ready to go, please give me a shot on your next order.  I promise you will never look for another screen printer.  When we gain customers, it’s for life, LOL.  Take a look at the gallery page on this site for stuff we have done recently.  All ways to contact Rimshot is below.  Thanks for reading!


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