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Here is where you will find the latest goings-on from the Rimshot T-Shirts shop.  Also the latest trends and technologies in t shirt printing.  Let us do a cool one for you and we will show it here.

Duck Hunting with Heritage Pride

Cool Design of the Month  John David Wilson Owner of Rimshot T-Shirts Cody over at Trenz Tshirts is one of those beloved customers who does not mind investing in the art to generate sales.  In essence, it is art on a garment...not much why skimp on the...

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Circle Up Drive In

 Cool Retro T-Shirt Design John David WilsonOwner of Rimshot T-ShirtsIf you have read any of these blog posts, you know one of my major gripes is that the glory days of t-shirts may be over.  The market is glutted with tees that just have company logos on...

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How Printed T-Shirts Can Promote Your Business

  How Printed T-Shirts Can Promote Your Business   John David Wilson Owner of Rimshot T-Shirts Companies of all sizes are constantly looking for ways to promote their businesses. Some may use signs or banners but one of the best ways to promote your business...

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Got no time to talk to humans? I understand. My Rimshot-Designer allows you to pick your brand and color of tee, create or upload your own design, choose your sizes and place your order. Easy!

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