My Goal

With my screen printing company, I want to inspire my clients and with them bring back pride and excellence in the imprinted garments theater.

John David Wilson

Graphic Artist, Owner of the screen printing company Rimshot TShirts.

Pleased To Meet You!

My name is John Wilson.  Once earning my Design Communications Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at Texas Tech in 1987, I set out to become a professional musician. Eventually I became weary of a diet consisting only of raamen noodles and got a real job at a screen printing company. It was then that I became hooked on the imprinted garments industry and later started my own printing company in February 1994. It was there I created a reputation for good design, high end prints, and dependability.  I also provide art services for screen printers: browse around my sister site Rimshot Graphix.

“I am the best there is at what I do.”


  • Design
  • Printing
  • Customer Service
  • Weight Loss
(rant mode on)  I’ll admit it. I’m scared.  I think if we continue in this path imprinted shirts will go out of style.

Never, you say?  Remember when music was an integral part of your life?  Music sales are down 90% since the 80’s.  Why?  It’s because the product is no longer desired because it is mediocre.

Take a look at the typical t-shirt sold today.  It is thin (so they can fit more on a barge) and the imprint is usually some form of advertisement for a large corporation.  I think the reason why so many young people buy reprints of shirts done in the 70’s (you have seen them: AC/DC, etc.) is because they yearn for something better.  I truly think we are on a path where the lameness of the product will create disinterest and will eventually become undesirable.  My screen printing company will go the way of the dinosaur. (shudder)

I refuse to go down without a fight.  If you want a t-shirt order, let’s do a GOOD ONE!!  (rant mode off)

Screen Printing Company

One of the first designs i ever did done way back in the late 80’s for my band, In The Midst.

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John David Wilson

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