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Rimshot Designer

Awesome! Let’s get started! First you will choose which garment(s) you want, make your own custom design, provide the garment sizes, pay up, and 10 business days later you get your order!  (Give me a ring if you need it faster)

First Off: Do You Want to Supply Your Own Art?

I STRONGLY recommend just creating your design here in the Rimshot-Designer. It Rocks. If you are not proficient with apps like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc., most likely you will not be able to provide art that is ‘good to go’ and you will incur extra charges. Images taken from the web or created on most phone apps are NEVER good for printing tees. However, if you got some time you can hit the button below to get instructions on how to provide art files that will work.

Give Me a Ring!

Hours 8am-5pm Central


John David Wilson

1529 Tuley St.

Cedar Hill, TX 75104

Phone: 214-543-7137

Email: [email protected]

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