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Custom screen printed tshirts shouldn’t be boring. You’ve only got one shot to make a first impression, and our screen printed tshirts make that shot much better. As a custom tshirt printing company, we are experts in design elements that make a splash, and our high-quality tshirt printing online makes it easy to get what you want. Yes, we’ve got kids tshirt printing, screen printed tshirts for adults, and a whole lot more. Stop searching for “tshirt printing companies near me.” We’re your go-to spot if you’re ready to design your own tshirt in Dallas, TX.

Use this page as a starter kit to get your tshirt order in play.

Step One:  Let’s start with your garment(s) of choice:

Step Two: The Design.

My mission is to bring back awesome design and fast t shirt printing that will obliterate the cookie-cutter stuff made on sites like  Wholesale tshirt printing is the way to go if you want to express yourself in style. 

I know what’s up when it comes to amazing tshirt design and printing.  I strongly urge you to let me use my years of experience in tshirt silk screen printing designs to make you a shirt that will make you the hero of your group.  However, if you want to provide your own, here is how you do it:

Step 3:

Place Your Order!

Let me help you get your unique online printed t-shirts done in a style and design that you’ll love. Your wholesale screen printed t-shirt is going to be the talk of the town.

Determine your sizes and quantities and gimme a ring @ 214-543-7137 or use the order form for the best screen-printed t-shirts.

Happy Customers



“Rimshot never fails to meet and exceed my expectations.  My go-to on all of my tshirt orders since 1994.”

- Carol Greene

I have been working with John since the 90’s and i will never use any one else.  His attention to quality is unmatched.  He is perfect for my clients; customers who are looking for something a step above the typical tshirt design.

Holly Boggess

Dallas TShirt Company

John is my only tshirt artist; we have been working together since 1997.  His work is crucial in me getting repeat business from my customers.

Rob Richie

The Rob Richie Company

Rimshot’s tshirt designs and printing are a step above any one we used in the past.  My clients always love what he comes up with.  And the printing is high quality.

David Tierney

Tierney & Associates

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